3D Protect

Personal Safety Just Got Smart
3D Protect is there for you all the way, only ever one button away from alerting your friends and family that you might be in danger. 3D Protect quietly and securely logs your location once triggered to help you be found in an emergency.

SmartSafe Accessories

Using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Accessories To Allow You To Trigger
The App Without Even Getting
Your Phone Out.

GPS Tracking

GPS Combined With Other Hi-Tech Trickery
Ensures 3D Protect Can Always Pinpoint
Your Location When Needed.

NFC SmartSafe Tags

Simple SmartSafe Tags Allow You
To Check In To Your Safe Locations
Quickly & Easily, Letting Your Loved
Ones Know You're Safe.


SmartSafe Accessories

Tags and Wearables to Help Keep You Safe

NFC Tags allow you to check in to your favourite, safe locations, whether at home or work. Tap once to register and name the tag. Once registered, a single tap marks your location as safe on the system, while also sending your trusted contacts a message containing a link, username and password to login.

SmartSafe Wrist-Bands allow you to trigger the app's panic feature without even touching your phone. Using the latest bluetooth technology, these wristbands will last three years on one battery, and won't eat through your phone battery either, as they conform with the BLuetooth 4.0 LE specification.

Secure Web-Based Tracking

Effortlessly & silently log your location

Powered by Here Maps and an advanced geolocation algorithm, 3D Protect will always know exactly where are you when you need it to, and will accurately, silently and effectively log your location to the secure server which can later aid in finding you or obtaining evidence should it be required.

3D Protect will show your trusted contacts a historic path travelled by the user, each waypoint pinned on the map and tagged with a date & time.